When you are considering to start cycling as a hobby, there are several things you need to put into consideration before starting. The first step is setting goals and having an overview of what you will be venturing into when starting to cycle. You need an idea of the hobby and how it is going to feel. Indubitably, cycling will offer your health many advantages. This hobby needs a lot of time, and therefore, you need to plan to set aside several hours of the week for cycling, whether in the evening or weekends. You need to choose the right time according to your schedule.

You need to invest in this hobby with the right equipment that will help in maintaining the equipment. You need to beware of the time and money needed plus the cycling risk you will have to face. You need to create a picture in your mind on how you will be cycling, the amount of money you will be investing, and the risk involved. Starting less is advisable for example twice a week lasting thirty minutes.

Since you have created a mental image, you will have to go to the bicycle shop to get a bike. There are two major aspects you need to keep in mind while purchasing the bike; comfort and safety. You need to select a bike that will suit you best before buying it. If you want to cycle around your local area, it is advisable to choose a hybrid or local bike. However, if you have a plan of going off road, you need to consider purchasing a mountain bike.

You also need to purchase safety gears like protective clothing, helmets, and a water bottle or hydration pack. When cycling, it is recommended that you drink water after every fifteen minutes to compensate lost water in the body. You need to buy lamps and reflectors if you are considering riding at night.

You need to make a decision on the bicycle type you are going to purchase. It is advisable to understand the route you are going to ride before settling on a bicycle. Do not just buy a bicycle that you will have to replace before understanding your route because it might require replacement. You need to see if there is any additional item that requires purchase by paying attention to how busy the route is and the length of time you need to finish the route with the bike. In case the route is far from home, you need to know the nearest point where you can access help if you get an emergency.

Cycling in a group is always better. You need to look for people in the locality that have the same hobby or even do an online search for a cycling forum. Do not be shy to ask for suggestions or questions. When you want to get answers, it is advisable to give updates on your progress. Do not mind if you have not yet started cycling. You can just share with them your plan like where you are going to purchase the bike, where you are going to ride, and the frequency of your ride.

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What can be better than playing hockey and riding a horse simultaneously? Water polo is one of a kind game goes back to the late 1800s and since then has gained enough popularity worldwide to get itself in the Olympics. It was, like regular polo, conceived in Europe and gradually spread throughout the lands. One of the reasons it impressed the people was because the idea was, in a way, better than the old one. Why was it better? Let’s find out.

How did it begin?

The origin of the game goes back to mid-nineteenth century when Englishmen thought of playing rugby in a lake or a river. This was a new experience thus, many liked it. The game had little or no rules and was a reflection of the original game. In the late 1800s, someone thought of applying the same theme to polo hence, water polo was introduced. The idea, as water rugby, was same to polo but instead of horses, empty barrels were used as a ride and inflatable balls, like football, was used instead of polo balls. This marked the beginning of the first water polo game. There were two teams opposing each other and point were awarded to either of them when the respected team would score the point by getting the ball in the goal post. Initially, there were no rules besides the basics so fights and discipline breach was very common. The first official rules were established by Harold Reeder of New York which laid the boundaries against violence in the game. The game rules were further improved and altered as time went by and a proper sport came into existence.

Water polo today

The sport that is now admired by thousands and played by many as their career or for their pleasure is different as well as similar to what it was in its beginning. In modern days, the game is played without barrels or mallets. Swimming and hands are used to play the game. This method was chosen because it was more practical and easier as well as more accepting of the time since riding barrels were no more a norm in the society of 20th century. The game now has a proper rulebook with every detail so there is no confusion thereof.

It’s a game, but is it fun?

What can be more fun than swimming and polo combined? It was, however, more fun with barrels and mallets because that is what made it unique and stand out from the others. Its popularity is what gave it a place in the Olympics and since then it has been played by many countries for many years. Although there was violence in the beginning, now, since it’s changed a lot, it can be said that it is a family sport as well. You can play it with your friends and family however you like it, with rules or not, all you need is a pool and a ball.


Now, you may be thinking to yourself, what is Ultimate Frisbee? Even at a point when the idea was brought up, many had no idea what in the world anyone was talking about. Understand, there was a point growing up that everyone at some instance played with a Frisbee. You went outside with your friends, threw it around for a while, maybe even tried to convince your dog to try and catch it ( good luck with that ), or maybe just threw it as hard as you could to see how far you could get it to fly down the road. So, then what makes it ultimate do you say, this is the good part.

Frisbee and Football in one

The concept is almost the same, with both teams have 7-man sides, with a few changes mixed in. The biggest difference, there are no reefers on the field. With the players calling their own fouls, and the use of sportsmanship being the biggest idea of the game. They do have observers in case there is a dispute but you will not see a zebra on the field calling fouls. Second, once you catch the Frisbee the play stops right where it is. If the Frisbee should go out of bounds or incomplete the other side takes over at the spot. If there is a scoring, where the offense catches the Frisbee in the other teams end zone that is one point. Games are played to either 13/15/17 points, a typical game will last anywhere from 60/75/90 minutes long. From what they have showed on TV lately and what has been seen on YouTube this actually seems like a lot of fun.

First Time Hearing About It

Surprisingly enough, it’s have been around since the early 1980’s which is rather strange as this is the first most of us reading this is anywhere it even existed. At this point the plastic flying disk had been molded and a league had actually created. But, what if I said the idea for the Frisbee was from pie tins in the 1940’s? College kids would use the pie tins and top lid tops to throw up, soon after that the first game was held between rival schools. 30 years later the first actually school against school was held with a score of 43-10 and rules were adopted from there.




Ultimate Frisbee has more than 7+ million players and a worldwide leading body of teams and leagues where anyone can join. It has become so popular just this year on ESPN they did a feature on the game; as well they feature a live game being played in Amherst. At this point, more than 15,000 students are participation in ultimate Frisbee at more than 700 schools across that United States. Take note, this started 70 years go which kids throwing around pie tins for fun. From there it has migrated into a full-fledged spot, where sponsors have come in and gave it a new stand for them to stand on. It has actually morphed into a new genre where, now there is actually Ultimate Frisbee on the horizon. No more clubs and large holes for the Frisbee to fly into but still the same distances and obstacles that should be exciting

The most high-tech and sophisticated computer or video games can never outweigh the benefits of outdoor sports. It might use up a high amount of energy, but the advantages are worth it. For instance, burning up energy in doing physical activities causes the body to produce even more energy for the things you want to do later in the day. This is what some people call “high” or “adrenaline rush”.

Staying fit is also easier if you engage in high performance activities. There are many sports that you can choose from depending on your interests. Most people maintain their motivation by doing things they enjoy. This gives you a great chance to stay fit while quenching your thirst for adventure.

Outdoor Sports You Can Grow to Love

  • Canoeing is a good choice for people who love the waters. It is easy to learn and is very leisurely. It makes a good date option for couples as well. It is best shared with trusted companions and makes a good workout for the arms and shoulders.
  • Cycling is for individuals who prefer to take in nature alone. You can course through roads or go through mountain paths to see a denser natural environment. It requires more physical movement and is a very effective weight loss method.
  • Mountain climbing and trekking are outdoor activities you can do with minimum gear requirements. At the very least, you will need a guide on your first trip. However, you will learn easily and can travel on your own afterwards.
  • Surfing is another water activity and usually requires practice. You need to invest in really good surfing gear and be a good swimmer in order to survive the harsh wave environments. Due to the water requirements, you will need to find a suitable place first. Either way, it is best done during summer where all the beach bums gather and have fun under the sun.

The best way to get the most out of your experience is to use recommended tools and gadgets. Chester Bike and Paddle has a lot of goods you can use for your outdoor recreational activities. Choose only the best quality products to ensure safety on your excursions.